RPIRaspberry Pi$35 compact computer.pageview
ARDArduino UnoPrototype board with an Atmel AVR processor, useful for development.pageview
MACMacintosh Classic1990 remake of the 1984 Mac. Includes a built in recovery ROM environment.pageview
BAT6V BatteryLarge lead acid batteries. Very heavy.pageview
SMKSmoke AbsorberSmoke absorbers used to soak up smoke while soldering. Hakko FA-400 pageview
SLDSoldering StationHakko HX-888D Digital Soldering Stationpageview
CMPCrimping toolPittsburgh 8-inch Four-way Crimping Toolpageview
DSBDigital SandboxKit for learning about digital electronics. pageview
HSTHeatshrink TubingShrinks with heat.pageview
BJWJumper Wire KitTEKRUM 350pc Jumper Wire Kitpageview
CAMCameraCanon 60 camerapageview
E10ESD-10 TweezersFine tip, straight (110mm)pageview
E11ESD-11 TweezersFine tip, straight (140mm)pageview
E12ESD-12 TweezersFine tip, straight (135mm)pageview
E13ESD-13 TweezersRounded spade tip, straight (115mm)pageview
E14ESD-14 TweezersSuper fine tip, straight (110mm)pageview
E15ESD-15 TweezersFine tip, angled (120mm)pageview
E16ESD-16 TweezersHeavy-weight pointed tip (130mm)pageview
SCKSolder SuckerVASTAR Solder Pumppageview
CBXCapacitor BoxBox of assorted capacitors.pageview
HGNHeat GunIt's a heat gun. 12 settings.pageview
MCRMemory card readerAcuvar brand.pageview

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